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Royal Harbor

Royal Harbor



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Although several neighborhoods within the city of Naples Florida are considered boating communities due to strategic water placement, Royal Harbor lives up to its reputation as a Mecca for those who take their boating seriously. Homes in Royal Harbor, many with sparkling pools and well-manicured landscaping are conveniently positioned upon a myriad of connecting canals and channels. Valued by the avid boater, the broad, open inland waterways afford residents of Royal Harbor a straight, unhindered route from their individual backyard docks directly into the cool waters of the Gulf via Naples Bay and Gordon Pass.

When the residents of Royal Harbor are not out enjoying their favorite pastime, boating, families enjoy sharing the companionship of their like-minded neighbors, and the serene ambience of the area. Those who live in Royal Harbor, eagerly accept the laid-back, “go-with-the-flow” attitude of the Floridian way of life, taking the time out of their busy existences to “stop and smell the flowers” along the way. A perfect balance of indulgence and obligation, the standard of living here is remarkably high, set against a backdrop perfectly suited to outdoor enthusiasts and people on the go while still in close proximity to the culture, dining and shopping of nearby Olde Naples.

About 400 houses make up the Royal Harbor compound and like many other areas throughout Naples Florida many of these were originally constructed in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, and later expanded, remodeled or rebuilt. Due to this amalgam, prices in Royal Harbor vary widely between the low $1 millions for original residences, to over $4,000,000 for newer, larger bay facing estates. In some instances, Royal Harbor provides the avid boater with affordable options for waterfront properties as compared to other Naples areas.