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Royal Shell Vacations

Royal Shell Vacations

Royal Shell Vacations offers hundreds of homes and condos for lease. Because Royal Shell is a local company with local owners, we know the area, the best beaches, the quietest corners and the owners who take the best care of their homes and condos. Royal Shell Vacations knows how to arrange a vacation to fit your dreams.

Frequently asked Questions asked for Rental Management

Self-management is hard work

You can attempt to manage the property yourself. You should have an 800-number for reservations. You should have someone to answer the phone during normal business hours. A web site wouldn’t hurt. And you should be prepared to invest in advertising to let people know that your place is available. It can be done. But it is a lot work. (Oh yes, if you are not a local resident and you have plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, appliance or tenant problem, what do you do? Call a friend? Maybe once.)

There also are records to keep, taxes to collect and pay, licenses to renew and more.

Professional help does it for you

The other option, registering your property with a professional management and rental agent, starts to look pretty good, doesn't it? Of course, not all rental and management agents are equally good. But rather than dwell on other’s negatives, let us tell you about the advantages of registering your property with Royal Shell Vacations.

Successful Growth

We are a professional rental/management company with a track record of success with happy owners that goes back many years. In that time, we have grown regularly reflecting that both our owners and our rental customers are pleased with their treatment at Royal Shell (our advertising person dubbed it “The Royal Treatment).

Effective Marketing

Yes, we hire a professional advertising firm to help us with our marketing. That is our cost, not yours. The advertising pros keep track of the best places to advertise, the best times to advertise, the best appeals at any point in time, what the competition is up to and generally how we can invest for the best return in terms of reservations booked.

Chamber Membership

Speaking of advertising, you will find us in the obvious places, such as the Visitors Guide, the Chamber Welcome Center and on the Chamber Web site. We are there because we are long-standing members of the Chamber and we know that potential visitors see those messages. Because we are Chamber members you don’t have to be. That is one expense we can absorb for you.

No Marketing Fees

We provide this professional marketing with no marketing fees. You only pay us our standard commission when your property is rented by us. We cover the cost of special offers that we put together so that a guest in your property can rent a bike or canoe, or take a cruise at discounted rates.

Online Booking 24/7

We offer 24/7 online booking services. Anyone who sees an ad, surfs the Web or just gets a middle of the night inspiration can go to our Web site ( and make a reservation on the spot. Anyone who is more comfortable on the phone, can call our toll-free line 1-800-656-9111 and get information or reservations during normal business hours. Many people use both the phone and the Web.

Multiple Offices

We have many offices, in Sanibel, Captiva, Ft. Myers, Bonita Aprings, North Naples and downtown Naples. That gives our renters a more convenient place to stop to pick up their keys and background information, a more convenient place to ask questions with a real person, and even a more convenient place for walk-ins to make last minute reservations if need be.

Professional Rental Management

We provide every owner with top-drawer professional management. This includes post-rental inspections, cleaning, linen service, appliance and utility maintenance and on-call service people if a tenant has a problem that needs immediate attention.

Reliable Maintenance and Cleaning

Because our maintenance staff and cleaning people are “in-house” we know that we are providing "hotel quality" services. Even our linens are laundered and supplied from our in-house facility. We don’t have to rely on anyone else to get the job done.

Huge Repeat Customer Base

As one of the largest and most successful rental management firms in Southwest Florida, we have hundreds of customers who return to stay with our owners every year. It’s reassuring that we don’t have to reach and “teach” new people about Royal Shell each year. Even in slow times, and everyone has them from time to time, our repeat customers give us an edge.

Why not talk to us?

In short, we can't think of any reason why anyone who is serious about renting their condo or home (with maximum occupancy and maximum care for the place) would register with anyone else. We invite you to call us, check out our Web site or stop in one of our offices to talk about how we can serve you.